Film Television Music Video

"Secret Lives Of Women" Theme Music.

Arya Sourav "Is This Love"

"Don't Say You Don't Love Me" from feature film
"The Killing Machine".

"Black Enterprise Business Report" Theme Music.

REESE "I Can't Breathe"

"Run!" from feature film "Hospitality".

"Skating's Next Star" Theme Music

Mark Unthank Featuring Jill Jones
"I Believe You Are Mine"

"Opening Credits" from Short Feature "The Johnson Merger".


"The Bold And The Beautiful
Promotional Music".


JFortino "Angel (Get Real High)"

"Tru 2 U" nightclub scene from feature film "Violet Tendencies".

"NY Knicks Promotional Music".

REESE "ll:Aah:ll:Yeah:ll"

"New Houses" from PBS Documentary
"Incredible Journey".

"3 Men And A Chick Flick" Theme Music.

JFortino "Fearless People"

Mark Unthank "00Nerd Theme"
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